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Kore Sails guarantee to build your new sail to highest quality using the premium US sail cloth and US, European or Australian sail hardware,

Its important that you treat your new sails with approbate care to ensure life. This includes.

  • Ensuring sails are always covered from UV light When not in use. Foe furling sails, ensure that supplied UV protection is covering the entire sail when furred. When mainsails are lowered, ensure the mainsails cover, covers the entire sail from UV.

  • Ensure sails are dry before storing for any long period of time.

  • Ensure you use your new sails in their designed wind ranges.

  • Avoid excessive flogging of your new sails. Flogging and leech flutter can degrade a sail’s performance. Once a sail is hoisted, be sure to fill the sail and trim it on. If your course doesn’t allow this or you are motoring into the wind, its advisable to furl up the sail or drop it.

  • Adjust your leech line to eliminate leech flutter (tension it just a touch more than necessary to stop the flutter). The tension needed will change as the breeze increases and as the jib sheet is adjusted. Proper placement of genoa cars will also prevent leech flogging on your genoa .

  • Avoid unnecessary chafe caused by contact between sails and the mast/rigging. This can be done with appropriate spreader patches and ensuring the speaker ends and rigging are free from sharp edges, split pins, wire burrs etc.

  • Patch minor tears as soon as possible to avoid the tear growing. Doing this promptly will ensure you don’t have a major failure.


We warrant your new sails to be free from all defects in material, hardware and workmanship for a p.... This excludes any damage from neglect, mishandling or UV damage. If you have any concerns with your new sails, be sure to contact us at your earliest opportunity.

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